Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Head Shots

Screech Owl in my back yard - inside a dead coconut palm tree.

White-crowned Pigeon seen in Big Pine Key

Gator at 6 miles Cypress Slough 

Little Blue in Sanibel Garden Preserves 

Great Blue Heron at Lakes Park 

Red-shouldered Hawk in my back yard.

Osprey on top of dead Coconut Palm Tree in my back yard.

Great Egret in my neighbor's back yard. 
Just like Dorothy said: "There's no place like home".
Smile now, you're on camera. Good job!


  1. So cool on the Screech Owl. Were any chicks raised?

  2. There was a male and a female in the cavity at one time - they stuck around for a couple of weeks at a time. When they leave, the bees move in and start building their honeycomb and when they leave the owls come back shortly after that. On the other side of the tree, I had a family of Red-bellied Woodpeckers while the owl was there. I love this dead tree :D

  3. I love your post today. It made me smile and was a geeat start to the morning. Beautiful photo's!

    1. Thanks! Get ready for more. The beach this morning was filled with birds.