Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Re-visiting Lakes Park

What a nice greeting! This little starling welcomed me to the park as well as many Mockingbirds - tried as I may to capture the mockingbirds, my camera just wasn't ready as it just kept on fogging up on me.

This Geiger Tree was in full bloom and the bright colorful flowers just called my name.

Then I came upon a family of Blue Jays which were busy with their feeding - I always enjoy spotting them and I had forgotten how beautiful they are....interestingly enough I don't get to see them in my neighborhood.

Awww....who would have thought that a Black Vulture would be a loving mate?
 Somehow we don't think of those birds as being caring yet they are a fascinating subject - and they do play a very important part in our world.

I am in search of the name of this particular plant - as I love it's striking effect and the fact that it is so unusual. This above photo shows the different stages.....flower, fruit and seed. After being at Ding Darling this afternoon - I found the answer to my inquiry and it turns out to be a "Buttonbush" - it's in the coffee family.

Here's a close up of the flower ball.

And here's a close up of the fruit which apparently is being tasted by a Leaf-footed Bug.

And this lovely dragonfly kept on buzzing by and it finally settled down for long enough so that I could see it up close and, love, love that blue color with the green head.

As all good things come to an end - I started making my way back when I noticed the rainbow effect that the water fountains were producing - just awe-mazing......I looked at it as my farewell till the next time.

The White Peacock came over and said: Goodbye.

Here is the link to my E-Bird list for that visit.

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  1. I enjoyed visiting through your eyes one of our favoirte place.