Friday, November 7, 2014

Swamp Sparrow Surprise

Several appointments and engagements have kept me from visiting the Bailey Tract and it was with great anticipation that I entered the trails this morning.
Right away I was reminded that it was full moon, beautiful sight.

I spooked a Little Blue Heron and several Blue-winged Teal as I crossed the bridge to get a better view of the Common Gallinule.

AKA Moorhen - there were two of them in this particular spot, others were seen later.

The Little Blue Heron landed after his short flight.

What a web this spider weaved!

The Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher was heard before he was seen - they are such a lovely creature.

Here is my precious surprise, a Swamp Sparrow.

I sat still and hoped that he would as well so that I could capture its photo and study it further when I got home....

I was blessed and very grateful for those fleeting moments - how sweet!

A Gray Catbird - notice the dark cap and the rufus vent.

A Palm Warbler in the Goldenrod - a perfect compliment, don't you think?

I love the Bailey Tract and especially this time of the year for the glow and rich color that the atmosphere provides.

Even the Red Cardinal seem to have brighter and fresher plumage.

Another Palm Warbler - this one is feasting on seeds.

White Ibis - white as snow and striking with its pink bill and baby blue eyes.

On my way out I spotted my 5th Marsh Rabbit....what a beautiful morning this was, I am blessed to be living so close to this trail. My E-Bird List


  1. Ohhhh..... I'm so glad everybody sat still and co-operated so you could get some beautiful shots.... and you surely did!!

  2. Another lovely walk. You have more signs of autumn (fall) than I realised in Florida. It's an amazing spider web.

  3. What a great walk and wonderful find on it All the shots are fantastic as are the reflections on the water. Have a great weekend.