Monday, November 3, 2014

Caloosa Bird Club Trip - Bird Rookery Swamp and Oil Well Rd Tomato Field

Oh boy! Happy days are here! It is the fall, it is November and that means my bird club is back in operation - this, for me, is the highlight of my week.
The weather was a tad bit on the cool side but soon we got moving/walking and the sun warmed the day nicely.
Okay, enough chit-chat, it's show time.
What a nice treat this was! One of our member spotted this Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

An Eastern Phoebe was close by and stayed long enough for good warm looks.

The Great-crested Flycatcher posed well for us too and later on entertained us with his song.

Check this Loggerhead Shrike - I think he's pretty sharp looking.

This Red-shouldered Hawk sure looked well fed and healthy, I bet he has a lot more to eat than his compatriots in my neighborhood.

A sweet little Downy Woodpecker - a female.

Don't you just love how inviting this trail looks? I never get tired of visiting this area.

A Skipper.

A White Ibis hanging in the tree canopy for a change of scenery.

A fork in the road....I've yet to pass this point - one of these days I will. The sign says it is a 12 mile trail - today we walked 6 miles.

A Black Vulture - pretty healthy looking too.

Heading back and checking the vegetation and other creatures ....

A happy Gator, check the smile out.

By the parking lot, this Great Egret waved us on and reminded us to come back soon. This was quite a treat to see so many species this morning (56 for me)....many, many warblers and vireos as well which were all too quick for me to just need to go and experience the magic. My E-Bird List

After lunch we met at the Tomato field on Oil Well Road - hoping for some duck a lone Ruddy Duck was spotted....

A Gadwall with some coots and

4 Northern Shovelers among hundreds of other species which were hanging on the other side of the pond - clearly seen with a spotting scope.

A Caracara - sweet surprise sighting.

Roseate Spoonbills brightening up the sky and

White Pelicans gliding by. Check my E-Bird list to see all the species that we saw, it was totally amazing. Make sure to check this spot out as it will get busier in the few weeks ahead.


  1. What a wonderful area to be able to bird in. That Loggerhead Shrike looks a lot like the Grey-backed Fiscal I saw in Kenya.

  2. Well I was excited to see your bird blog and I was excited for a reason ��. Looks like you had a great start with your birding club. Love hummingbirds. I have yet to be able to be able to take photos of those little guys. They are so quick. The loggerhead shrike is a beautiful bird. Nice shot of the black vulture and red shoulder hawk. I will some day see the white Pelicans. Lol

  3. It would be absolutely amazing to have a day like much and so varied ....and, they did almost sit and wait for a picture being taken..... what fun.....

  4. Great finds! How nice you can go out with your bird club again! LOVE the shrike, the hawk and especially the shot of that awesome egret!