Monday, May 18, 2015

Let's go birding!

Every day is a new day that is filled with surprises - you just never know what awaits on the trail. It is Monday and the sun is about to rise - time to go birding.
With a sunrise like this - you can't go wrong.

The wild flowers are just stunning in the morning light.
Osprey's way of saying: "Welcome".

Along the trail at the Sanibel Garden Preserve, a fellow pointed out these two Black Racers intertwined on the Mangrove branches....

love is in the air for those two.

Right around the corner I detect a lot of movements and flashes of white light....

and there they were....Snowy, Great Egrets, Little Blue and Tricolored all feeding together in a frenzy.

Then I noticed some activities around the nesting box - a Great Crested Flycatcher with a juicy bug...he went inside to deliver the goods, in

the meantime the partner arrived with a dragonfly....

I have a feeling there are a few mouths to feed...

"I am so tired" .... the more I give, the more they want....

I know the feeling - I had a few of those days myself.

Taking a break while taking in the view below..

the feeding frenzy continues.

Enough down time - there are mouths to feed...chopchop.

And this goes for the Red-bellied Woodpeckers too. My E-bird List for today.

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  1. Hi France,
    Is the flycatcher and the woodpecker at nesting boxes at the Sanibel Preserve?