Friday, May 22, 2015

Sanibel beach bird encounter

I'm running a bit behind in my posting this week - what follows were sightings from last Sunday while I was doing my Plover Patrol.

This time of the year the Sanderlings are claiming their territory and I find it fascinating to watch them as they puff themselves up or crouch down.

These two came side-by-side and faced each other for several seconds and eventually parting ways.

Then I spotted the Snowy Plover chicks with their mama - boy, have they grown in just 20 days.

Mama is doing a swell job keeping her two chicks safe and sound - so far so good.

Then another family - an adult Yellow-crowned Night Heron with an immature...

keeping an eye on the beach - on the look out for a juicy Ghost Crab.

"Oh my! What beautiful eyes you have!"

When the crabbing is not happening - it is time to fly to better pasture.

A male Snowy Plover took the time to wave me on. As always - a walk on the beach is very rewarding.

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