Saturday, August 1, 2015

Green Turtles are really cool!

Today was definitely my lucky day, I was asked to sub for another turtle permittee volunteer on the West End of the Island and part of the duties involved doing a Green Turtle inventory - sweet!
The nest hatched a few days prior and the conditions looked good .... come and see....
As you can see the nest was equipped with a self-releasing mesh to protect it from Coyotes.

After I removed the mesh, I softly removed the sand in the egg chamber - encountering roots and very damp sand in the bottom which was caused from the unusually high amount of rain that we've had this past week - 12"+

This turned out to be a smaller than average clutch - we counted 50 empty shells, 6 damaged eggs, 19 unhatched eggs and 1 live hatchling.

The egg chamber went down a couple feet.

We kept the hatchling in a bucket - I put a 6" ruler next to it for size comparison.

Since Green Turtles are an Endangered Specie - the Florida Fish & Wildlife have documentation protocol - one of which is to take lots of photos - take a look....

Hopefully this little guy will be one of the lucky ones to make it to adulthood and will achieve a shell length of 3-4 ft, weight 250-400 lbs. Diet: sea grass and algae.

Beside collecting several photographs for FWC, we also collected extra whole un-hatched non-viable green turtle eggs for the purpose of Stable Isotope Analysis. This evening, after dark, I will release this Green Turtle into the Gulf of Mexico and wish it well.


  1. Way cool! Good luck, little guy! France, you get to have all the fun!

    1. I am loving this volunteer work and truly the best job in my life so far.