Friday, July 31, 2015

TGIRF - Thank God it's Rain Free day!

Really crazy weather we've been having this week - with more rain than usual, it is clearing up and it's time to head to the Bailey Tract.
It's early yet however I hear company across the way, so before I get going I take a peek...oh my..
not enough light to make sharp photos but you'll have to agree that those little peeps are adorable.

They are still sporting downy feathers.

Patiently waiting for the parent to return with some juicy morsels.

The night blooming cactus were still open - they always take my breath away.

It's time to go and head for the trails....

A tricolored Heron was fishing along the Red Mangrove pond.

A Great Egret by the Smith Pond.

Across the way, at the Sanibel Garden Preserve, the dragonflies were plentiful - happily feeding on insects.

A Great Crested Flycatcher was hanging with his family....

while a cardinal watched.

Look how much rain we've had lately - this area is usually filled with Spartina Grass.

A Red-bellied Woodpecker with bill full of insects - which is highly anticipated by his little brood....

from the sound of it, more than one.

Back at the Bailey Tract - a female Anhinga was seen taking a break and drying up her feathers.

Next time you visit - take a look at the map and choose your trail - there's something awaiting at most every corner. My E-Bird List for today.



  1. What adorable fledgling green herons! I swear, France, you must have been VERY GOOD in a former
    life, because the nature gods are always smiling on you and blessing you with the best opportunities for the most wonderful photo images! Seeing two of these together almost always means they are related. Recently, we very much enjoyed watching two posed together on a telephone wire. They were so awkward, with their gangly necks extended, trying to balance on the wire. I WISH I had your camera skills, but I treasure my memory of such images, and, besides, I always have your great photos to enjoy!

    1. Patch, the cameras that are available today do most of the work and then computer software often helps with improvements. I love it when the moments are suspended in time and I can take multiple photos - giving me more odds of having one or two good ones. The cherry on top is having the opportunity to relive the experience when I look at the photos that I took that day.