Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bunche Beach - San-Cap Audubon Bird walk

A little bird told me that the San-Cap Audubon was having their weekly bird walk this morning and Bunche Beach was the destination - after looking at the tide chart and the clear weather window, I decided to make the trek over the causeway.
As soon as I step on the beach I wonder why I stayed away so long.

The first spotted bird: A Spotted Sandpiper.

A Piping Plover with bands.

A Wilson Plover

A Horseshoe Crab - this crab sheds its old shell like a snake sheds its old skin.

A camera shy Black-bellied Plover.

Little groups of bird loving folks.

Jim, the president of the San-Cap Audubon group - passionately involved in conversation.

A Marbled Godwit

I'm soaking in the view while....

this Wilson Plover watches over.

I made it to the far east end of the beach hoping to catch sight of the Whimbrel - maybe better luck next time.

Some little chatter was taking place behind me...

a trio of Dunlins.

On my way back - a few Least Sandpipers are scrambling by - one of the smallest sandpiper.

Another banded Piping Plover

In addition to the bands an orange flag is visible from the side view.

A Willet with a fresh crab - the Willet was wise to fly away from the others so that he could enjoy his prized catch.

Some Red Knots made an appearance -this one has a green flag and a silver band.

A Snowy Egret actively feeding - check out how the yellow feet match the yellow lore.

One of those funny unplanned photo - a Tricolored Heron seemingly holding a Least Sandpiper in the crook of its neck.

The Causeway that leads to Sanibel Island.

In my line of sight - the white morph of the Reddish Egret.

A Marbled Godwit eating a worm.

Some guy in a plane that came low enough to cause the birds to take up flight...

The birds came back to resume their hard work of feeding and preening.....and on that note....I think it's time for me to get a bite to eat and clean up too.

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