Monday, September 12, 2016

Lakes Park

Our Warbler hot spot is closed for boardwalk repairs - so we opted to visit Lakes Park, it had been a while since we did so and we were blessed with quiet trails, a nice breeze and a lovely variety of wildlife and nature - come along and see....
A lovely Red-shouldered Hawk gave us time to ponder its identity - what is it with hawks and their confusing looks!

This young Tricolored Heron was catching the early morning sun rays just right.

What's not to love about the brilliant Red Cardinal!

A Great Blue Heron beautifully framed.

Not too far away we witnessed a pair of Bald Eagles getting their nest in shipshape condition for the upcoming season.

Another Red-shouldered Hawk - more pondering...

It figured it'd better lean and rest while we did so, as it might take us a while.

This very young Marsh Rabbit was too cute to pass up...

with a very debonair white mustache under its nose.

The Loggerhead Shrike are back in sight!

A walk through the Fragrance Garden gave us opportunity to enjoy and admire this Monarch Caterpillar, had I been quick enough we would also have a Monarch Butterfly photo to go with this.

An eye candy of a bloom from the....

Also, the Dwarf Royal Poinciana....check the bloom out....

 just breathtaking!

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