Saturday, September 17, 2016

A few of my favorite things

Some photos that I took this week while observing the wildlife around me - come along and see....
This Short-billed Dowitcher was observed on Tuesday near Turner Beach.

A visit to Rotary Park on Wednesday brought good sighting of this tailless Prairie Warbler.

A Loggerhead Shrike - I'm so glad they are back in town.

In the woods we found a Chuck-will's-Widow, quite a nice surprise to see it - usually I hear it and it's pitch black outside.

Some colorful Golden-silk Spiders can be found in the woods too and if you're not careful you might just walk into their wide webs.

Paper Wasps - check the tiny waist! It is said to sting but are not aggressive.

And OH MY! What a nice surprise - a Mangrove Cuckoo hanging - where else - in the mangroves!

Another Golden Silk -pretty but I'll still keep my distance, thank you.

Yesterday I took my husband out to lunch along  the Causeway - great homemade Chicken salad sandwich with a fantastic water view with a bonus: A Great Egret.

This morning I was biking across the island and entered the Pond Apple Trail which was mostly under water - ahead of me was a Northern Waterthrush bobbing along while eating its fill in the puddles.

After reaching several very deep puddles I decided to turn around - on my way back, these Egrets had taken this spot for some rest.

I just love to watch the wildlife and it always makes me wonder what they are thinking about - feel free to fill in the blanks on this scene.  

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