Saturday, January 21, 2017

Estero Preserve at Winkler

This rustic preserve has become one of my favorite places to go to - it can be rough walking, boots are needed most of the time and a mosquito head net is often worn - and I love it! We had a total of 53 species this morning and it was lovely, here are a few snapshots that I took along the way....

 I've been looking for this Nelson Sparrow on and off for a couple of years now and I was totally delighted to find it in this little clump of mangrove along with a Sedge Wren just a foot or so down below it - how sweet is that!

That large clump of mangrove is where we saw it.

At the large pond for the past two years we had several hundred different ducks visiting for the winter, so far this winter this is it - 6 Lesser Scaup and 2 White Pelicans had the pond to themselves....hopefully they will bring their friends soon.

At the bayside we were hoping to see some Avocets but were surprised with Red-breasted Mergansers and several Reddish Egrets....

those three White Pelicans were perched on stumps - perhaps drying their feet for a bit.

A few hundred Tree Swallows had an harmonious rhythm going until a Red-shouldered Hawk made an appearance and made them all scatter in different directions.

Soon after a Bald Eagle cruised on by.

Soon it was time to head back but not before taking a closer look at this Yellow-rumped Warbler - a very interesting specie with many different features from one bird to the next.

Another day, another stick and another preserve - so much to see and so little take the time to explore and enjoy the moments in your day....I did and I have no regrets.


  1. Lovely find of the Nelson's Sparrow, France!

    1. Believe me, the surprise was all mine! It certainly made my day.