Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dipping my toes back in

It's been a bit since I last posted and it's been weeks since I last ventured unto a trail. Life has been rough emotionally and sadly my husband passed away. It is still quite fresh and I'm feeling raw but I'm making an effort to get out there and work my way through it. This morning I joined my friend Elaine and we visited the 6 miles Cypress Slough - perfect for soothing the soul if you ask me.....take a look......
These lily pads were just lovely - simply sitting on the surface when I suddenly noticed a while feather floating by.

This setting really spoke to me - as I saw this broken heart with a tear as.....

this white feather slowly drifted away....sort of like my recent experience. Thanks for letting me share and for baring with me - soon I hope to be able to post about our feathered friends as they make their way through during migration. Peace. 

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