Sunday, October 22, 2017

Bunche Beach

The Lee Co Bird Patrol were having their monthly bird walk and I thought it was time for me to get my feet wet - it's been a long time.
From the look of it - I wasn't the first one on the beach this morning.

As I waited for the sun to rise I took time to observe the silhouette of this Reddish Egret

What a beautiful way to start the day - I do find that reflection is quite beneficial for a peaceful kind of day.

The Piping Plovers were out there too - I counted 7 during my visit.

As the sun slowly climbed the sky the birds slowly stretched and strutted their plumage.

The king of the post

After my reflection I headed toward the west end of the beach and joined up with the group - it was nice to see that I knew most everyone that was present for the walk.

Seen overhead was an opportunist young Eagle chasing an Osprey - it ended up being successful and flew away with the Osprey's catch.

On the way back we observed several Batfish swimming in a small tide pool - we marveled at its mode of transportation and the detail markings on its body.

Another look at the far east end provided plenty of Pelicans strutting their style.

And the Marbled Godwits are always a nice bonus.

Fall is in the air and there was a slight tinge of coolness - soon the snowbirds will arrive and so will many more feathered friends....welcome all!

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