Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tricolored Heron

I took a stroll through the Bailey Tract this morning and reflected on this day - as it was 28 years ago - when my youngest son was born. My heart was full and the sunrise made it super special. This is what memories are made of.
The sunrise signifies a fresh beginning - a new day - and I embrace every single one with eagerness for the surprises that it holds and for the teachers that will present themselves.

Sweet! A pair of Blue-winged Teal - the first sighting of the season at that particular location.

Then, as I crossed over the little bridge by the south dike, I spotted a Tricolored Heron.

Fairly common Heron but never in large numbers. I find them in open shallow water or the marshy pools. Nearly always solitary and pretty vocal - moaning and croaking - when someone comes into its space.

The Tricolored Heron has a long neck and a long bill which gives it a distinctive shape.

This is an immature - the telltale being the brown mottling on the neck and wings - typical plumage for the first year. A white stripe down the front of the neck will be prevalent in adulthood.

Deep in thoughts while keeping a sharp eye on the water....waiting ever so patiently for a tasty fish, amphibian or insect to present itself.

Concentration 101.

Then he came over on my side of the pond.

Rest a bit - more is yet to come.....remember, it's a new day!

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  1. Lovely post and great pictures. Looks like you are enjoying your new day to the fullest.