Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A snowy-beach kind of day

The warmth and sunshine is in store for today, so with an early start - we head for the beach.
The sun is rising and this Snowy Egret is brightly alert - I can identify.

It is time to get things rolling....

and there's no better way than a foot bath with perhaps some sushi.

"So, let's Seize the Day!"

A Lesser Black-backed Gull - notice the yellow bill, yellow legs, dark slaty gray above and a slender bill with a large reddish spot on gonys.

A Herring Gull already in its summer plumage - notice the pale gray back, pink legs, yellow bill with red spot and the yellow eye.

A Snowy Plover - soon they will be nesting.

Looks who's checking the beach out....

Brown Pelicans

and Mottled Ducks too.

The Sanderlings were present in great numbers too.

And then, another encounter with a Snowy.

Check out the long black bill and the yellow lores

matching the yellow toes.

A very fine specimen indeed that can be found on our beaches - see the wonder Sanibel is known as the shell capital.

"I got my eyes on you."

An interesting feathered friend to watch as he stepped off the wagon - still looking for a hand out.


  1. I enjoy your bird tweets France. Well Done.

    1. Thank you. I love it when I go birding and am able to capture what I see and then come home, relive it and write about it.

  2. I love the photos. You sure can capture the beauty of your feather friends...