Monday, December 19, 2016

Salt Marsh

It is early in the morning and the fog is pretty thick everywhere I look - to the right is the tip of Sanibel with the Lighthouse.

Along the shore by the Causeway a Great Black-backed Gull is passing by....

and mingles within a bunch of Ring-billed Gulls.

I made my way to the Salt Flats and met Elaine there - just us and the vast open space.

Not too far away a feeding frenzy takes place.

A stunning Buckeye landed long enough for a good photo.

While above us several White Pelicans flew by.

We found some tall grasses and

we were blessed with good looks of a Saltmarsh Sparrow...

this little fellow came really close to our feet and we were amazed how tiny it was.

We marveled at our good fortune and came upon a flock of American Goldfinch - eating their fill.

It was then time to wrap it up but not before watching these White Pelicans flying.....

over the moon!

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