Monday, July 27, 2015

Flamingo's fleeting visit at Ding

If you are looking to see a Flamingo, then you are bound to be as disappointed as I was when I went looking for the Flamingo visiting the refuge - it was seen by several people - but it wasn't supposed to be on my watch.
But, as you know, any day birding makes for a great day and along those multiple visits, I managed to see other feathered friends and that's swell by me.
Rain, rain, go away....come back another day! The tides have been super high and the rain constant for several days however the birds seem to like those 'free' showers.
I would imagine that it helps to facilitate cleaning their feathers and removing the mites.

Along the Wildlife Drive in the refuge, multiple young Yellow-crowned Night Herons are seen feasting on Mangrove crabs.

A lone Least Sanpiper was seen along the edge of the drive - foraging for food.

One of the benefit of extra water is that it brings the birds closer to the road - such as this Roseate Spoonbill.

This older Roseate was a tad bit further - look at those colors!! the older they are the more colorful they become.

As I got back on the road - a flurry of activity slowed me way down - a Downy was seen and heard as well as....

 a dozen or so of Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers....
I missed those guys....they are more common inland than on the island during the summer time.

A pair of Mottle Ducks resting together. 
By the water structure #5 a Reddish Egret was feeding in a different style.

He also had a companion by his side - a Snowy Egret.

He patiently watched and waited for fish to come by - no dance or shadow wing motion involved.

Oh....there they come....

"Got one!"

Ready for more .... waiting.....

BTW, this is one of the Reddish Egret that has been tagged. You may want to check the ARCI  web site for tracking info and from there you can follow the path of a Reddish Egret being tracked by those solar powered transmitter.

Along the Wulfert Point - several more Yellow-crowned Night Herons were feasting on Mangrove Crabs.

A first year Little Blue was watching its surrounding.

At the very end of the point - I could see a Spotted Sandpiper - he got spooked and flew off with his 5 other compatriots.

I made a quick stop at the Caloosa Shell Mound Trail and was granted views of a Carolina Wren - just long enough before I had to retreat from yet another rain storm.

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