Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cedar Waxwings

When I began my training with Ding Darling - I found myself behind the desk and for brief moments I would find myself with no visitors in sight and it was during those times that I reached for a bird book and started to leaf through the pages. I came across the Cedar Waxwings and said: I want to see that! And this, folks, was the actual beginning of my fascination with birds. 
I've not seen Cedar Waxwings very often but when I do, it truly is a beautiful experience. Just a couple of days ago they landed in a tree that only my zoom lens could reach - and here they are:
What's not to love? Their pale yellow belly,

its little crest, dainty mask and yellow tail tip.

They are known to travel in groups and I believe there was 150 of them in that Ficus tree....

Their presence is noticed by their soft, high-pitched, trilled whistle.

They come and go as if on a wind wave.....till the next time little fellows.

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